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Nephtalie Hyacinthe

Nephtalie Hyacinthe is a Public relations strategist who penned and published op-eds in various outlets. 

Nephtalie Hyacinthe is the president and public relations strategist of Talie & Co. Strategies, a public relations, media, and finance firm. She has built her portfolio in PR by working with several public figures and small businesses. She consults clients in the arena of media, publishing, local government, community outreach, entertainment, and Christian church ministries. Hyacinthe’s creative ideas and journalistic background have set her apart in the industry. 

EXPERIENCE: Over a decade experience from a scholar in the PR field to a practitioner. 


CONSTANT ACCOMPLISHMENT: No matter the client’s goal, We are Proactive PR Experts providing professionalism, creativity, excellence, authenticity, and Strategic thinking that remain constant in how I conduct my business. 

MOST ENJOYABLE ITEM: The Look on a satisfied client's face. 


FREE TIME GUILTY PLEASURE: Playing Ludo, Reading, Watching Romantic Movies.

Our Mission

The mission of Talie & Co. Strategies  is to help brands through strategic publicity so they can capture media attention which will result in brand awareness and growth.


Strategic Thinking

Thought Leadership


Excellent Results

Keys to Success

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